August 2013

Hi Ladies, Hope you are doing well!
"I just wanted to drop you a note. I kid you not, Sidney still asks when are we going back to visit Miss Annette. Both Jade and Sidney had a wonderful experience at Honey Bear. The teachers are caring, involved and in tune with what is going on in the lives of the children they care for. The Honey Bear curriculum really helped prepare the girls for Kindergarten and beyond. The field trips, especially to the Downtown Cabaret Theater offer the kids a diverse experience that may not always be offered at home. Please send my sincere regards to all. I promise to have Sidney over for a visit soon. :-)" ~Sarah K, Bridgeport

July 2013

To Honey Bear,
"We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to your teachers. They have been extremely helpful in the academic and social growth of our son. He has severe food allergies and the Staff at Honey Bear are highly trained to deal with those requirements. That was one of the reasons that we came to Honey Bear because the staff are aware of the severity of our son’s food allergies. Honey Bear has a friendly environment. It’s a pleasure to come in the school and see the staff greeting the students and parents in the morning. Honey Bear has made a big impact in our family by helping us with our son’s development. It’s a learning center that we would recommend to anyone that is looking for a safe and professional place for their child to grow academically." ~Joana and Rui P., Stratford

June 2013

"I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend their time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working “away from home” parent, than to know their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes, and dreams for their children as I do. My oldest son is ready and excited to start Kindergarten and my youngest son is ready to graduate from the “Yellow Room” to the “Pink Room”. The teachers have done a wonderful job teaching them their letters, numbers & also important social and behavioral skills. Preschool providers are teachers, nurses, counselors, and much more." ~Maria V., Bridgeport

May 2013

Dear Honey Bear Teachers! "Thank you for all your hard work and the love you have given to Matthew. With your dedication and care, you have helped us develop Matthew and Mark into strong, independent and smart boys. Ever since I was pregnant, I would drive by and think to myself how cute and comfy the atmosphere looked. I knew my children had to attend and it is now bittersweet that my youngest is graduating. But that said, he is ready for Kindergarten thanks to you, Honey Bear. We will miss you and Mark and Matthew will come visit!" ~Warm Regards, The Stan. Family, Stratford

February 2013

"It was the best decision I made to begin Alex’s “formal education” at Honey Bear Learning Center. The atmosphere is one filled with lots of love, a little discipline, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding… time to be a child while still learning what he needs in order to advance into Kindergarten. You have dedicated staff and run a top-notch program." ~Marie T., Bridgeport

June 2012

To all teachers at Honey Bear!
"Today is Mark’s last day at Honey Bear. The one year that Mark has been with Honey Bear was wonderful. Mark started Honey Bear afraid of not being with his parents. Thank you to all the teachers for their patience and love that they gave Mark during this time. Thank you for your hard work and for not giving up on him! As he gets ready to start Kindergarten, Mark has developed into a very well behaved, smart and independent little boy. Part of this amazing transformation we owe to the wonderful teachers at Honey Bear. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us raise an amazing little boy that Mark is today. P.S.: We look forward to Matthew’s experiences at Honey Bear during the 2012-2013 school year." ~The Stan. Family, Stratford


Dear Miss Pat, Miss Cathie & Staff,
"Our son has attended Honey Bear for the last two years and he's off to Kindergarten in the fall and is so prepared. He got accepted into St. James School in Stratford and he can't wait to start. I want to thank all the teachers for being such good role models to our son. Their dedication and patience are two of their greatest attributes we most appreciate about them. Our son loves them all and he will take with him nothing but great memories from Honey Bear. Thank you for providing such a challenging and nurturing environment for our child." ~Sincerely, Aleida & O'Neil B., Bridgeport


Dear Ms. Pat and Staff,
"Thank you all so much for creating such an inviting, caring and nurturing environment for our son. Ms. Pat and the Honey Bear staff have given and continue to give him learning experiences that encourage his interest and curiosity. It is because of the staff's genuine love for and interest in children that my husband and I have decided to enroll our daughter in this program as well." ~Thank you again, Al and Liz G., Bridgeport


Dear Honey Bear Staff,
"We have 2 sons that have had a great experience and lots of fun at Honey Bear. Each attended for 2 years at different times and both loved all the teachers. We have seen major changes in both of their personalities and skills. Honey Bear is a great transition to grammar school. Thank you to the whole staff for the love and attention you have given our boys over the years. We have lots of happy memories of Honey Bear and will miss you all." ~Thanks so much, Andy & Gail R., Milford


Dear Honey Bear Learning Center,
"My son has been attending your school since September 2005. Honey Bear is his 3rd school; we have lived in California, New Jersey and now Connecticut. Your staff has been warm and receptive to his needs, enabling him to make a seamless transition into his new surroundings. I have witnessed on several occasions the respect, the love, and the nurturing that the staff has given my son and the other students. Each child is treated with tremendous regard. Each student is encouraged to participate and be a valued member of the group. Honey Bear is an intimate learning environment, one I highly recommend." ~Best Regards, Bonnie M.-F., Stratford